Love is Wicked

….I don’t really believe that love is wicked!  It’s the name of a song that is actually one of my favorite choreographed pieces that we use for Afro-Caribe.  This particular piece was choreographed by Lysiane Ayita and is used as a “moderate” level dance, just after a warm-up or just prior to a cool-down.

When I was in La Grande, Oregon last month, this was one of the pieces that I shared and I’ve had multiple requests to post it on-line so that participants could practice it at home.  While this is far from anything professional, I was grateful to have one of the other instructors offer to record it on my iPhone last night, and one of our dancers, Kelly, was gracious enough to allow herself to be filmed as well!

For those of you who are interested in more postings of dances you’d like to try or practice, just let me know!  At some point, we will have a more professional instructional DVD to offer but, for now, we can at least play around with this type of sharing!


Love is Wicked” by Brick & Lace

For the Love of Your Life!