Happy Freedoms!

“No man is entitled to the blessings of freedom unless he be vigilant in its preservation.”   ~ Douglas Macarthur

I want to add “women” to the above quote, specifically because we have the same responsibility to protect the freedoms we’ve been given.

Suffragette March, London 1911I was considering this morning what I’m most thankful for, in regard to celebrating Freedom, and had this moment of overwhelming gratefulness to be a woman in the USA.  The blessings we are granted, as women in America, are relatively large, considering much of the world.  They seem, often, like “givens.”  Yet so many women, with the misfortune of being born in different parts of the world, have never known the freedoms with which we were born, simply for living on US soil.

I have been provided a right to an education, however far I choose to take it.  I have been offered medical aid and immunizations, which are mine to choose or not.  I have a right to vote.  I have a right to design the life that I choose, without fear of oppression based on my sex—and if I feel oppressed, I have a right to fight it.

I have a right to wear what I want, to express my nature in whatever oppressed-womanway it arises for me, from conservative to provocative, without fear of being arrested for exposing the majority of my body and face—sans my genitalia and breasts (and even in lovely places like Boulder, my breasts can be exposed!)  I have a right to worship who, what, and how I choose.  I have a right to develop my own beliefs, without fear of being arrested or killed for believing differently than the majority.

FGM-girlI have a right to my body—to empowerment and sexual expression.  I have never feared Female Genital Mutilation/Female Circumcision that millions across the globe have endured without understanding or consent. If you are not aware of this barbaric procedure, I urge you to read here and beware, the images are graphic and heart wrenching.

I have a right to marry whom I choose, or not.  And I have the right to divorce.

I have a right to stand and fight for what I believe, to speak what I want, to write and share and empower other women and men.

We really are incredibly blessed and I’d like to share a deep, heartfelt bow to those men and women who have done all they can to protect those freedoms, and to say “Thank you.”  We all have the right to continue to evolve our perspectives and our understanding so that our rights as human beings are even more in line with how we want to live.  And today, I want to wish all of you a day of celebrating all of our freedoms!passion-me

To the Love of Your Life!