A letter to a young girl, in the midst of becoming a young woman.


I believe there is a power that women hold, that is as old MotherDaughter 2as the earth itself, and is never ending.  It is passed through the lifeblood of all women and it binds us together as life givers, as forces of change, as healers and teachers and wisdom seekers.  

The world would have us battling one another, competing for attention and accolades that ultimately mean nothing, rather than using our powerful bond to hold one another up and be the force that we are designed to be.

My hope for you, as you transition into this next phase of becoming a woman in our circle, is that you trust your own heart beyond anything or anyone outside of yourself.  Trust your innate wisdom, your body, everything that informs your unique perspective of the world and of people.  

Slow down and pay attention to what you already know.  Feel everything that you naturally feel, and learn to always come back to your center to question your deepest truth.  Always be curious about what is not immediately apparent—truth is complex and “not knowing” can feel vulnerable, yet tolerating that vulnerability is an intensely powerful position.  

You are a source of LOVE and you are forever connected to the women who have come before you. Our legacy is alive in your lifeblood.  Trust that we all are a part of the matrix of evolving strength that holds and guides you.  Feel us in your bones.  

For the Love of Your Life,