And We Fall

In between a man and a woman who fall… first in love, then into wounds, then sometimes into pain too deep to describe; there is a bond that will forever provide an opportunity to open or to constrict. 

Ahhh… Love

The hope in every beginning is that “this” feeling—“this” person—“this” love will last beyond what others have known—that no one else could possibly grasp the intensity and transformative power of what THIS is.  And our hearts move beyond the present, inviting in a future of our own design.  And we begin to grow ourselves into newness, enlivening our hearts with passion and togetherness.

And just as in other ventures, sometimes our designs fail us—or reality and our resources simply don’t intersect with our designs.  Our visions are grander, or different, than our resources and we need to step back; gain some objectivity and begin again.  Or maybe it is that we are perfectly suited to just this path; of reaching, stumbling, falling, resting, strengthening, then reaching again.  And our sense of failure is a necessary step to forward movement.

Even when we do not reach our envisioned goals, we can continue to propel ourselves forward, so long as we feel just safe enough and connected to our deepest yearning.  And ultimately, we find our way to meaning, discover unexplored internal resources, and fulfill our hearts’ longings—at times before we even know what they are.