You’ve all been hearing and reading about Afro-Caribe on my Facebook page, my blog posts, etc, enough to either be thoroughly annoyed or fairly intrigued—at least from the responses I’ve seen!  And while we haven’t yet had the capacity to bring this powerful, sexy, sultry dance form to many parts of the country, I believe it will most certainly find it’s way….

I’ve put together a short, very “low-tech” warm-up—a simple introduction to a very basic series of movements that I would usually lead at the beginning of an Afro-Caribe class—whether beginner, intermediate or advanced.  This style of warm-up is used to activate the muscles we utilize in the style of dance from which our choreography pulls—foundations such as Latin & Carribean, West African, Reggaeton, Middle Eastern, Dancehall, and R&B.

While this piece is nothing outrageous or very difficult, it can provide a sense of the type of movement that is both required and utilized—meaning practiced to the point where it becomes foundational—for building the more advanced level aspects of the choreography.

Afro-Caribe is founded in traditional dance forms and integrates a variety of movements from around the world.  We speak to the meaning of the music—a dialogue that takes place primarily in our bodies as we explore how the music moves us.

If pieces such as this one become helpful for those considering either coming to class or a “Break-It-Down” workshop, which happen about once a quarter—or possibly even becoming certified and bringing Afro-Caribe to your home town! …Please share your responses and spread the word!

There are other videos and images that will provide more of a feel for the overall style and techniques that are utilized in classes.  And please come to our  Afro-Caribe Facebook page and “like” us!   Check out the schedule of classes and come and join us sometime!

And I’ll say one more time, as I step into my vulnerable and transparent offering here, this is just ME.  In my basement.  With my iPhone on a bench.  Sharing a very small bit of something I deeply love <3

I hope you enjoy!